Stacee Jaxx
Biographical Information
  • Unnamed Daughter
Physical Description
Gender: Male
Hair color: Brown
Eye color: Brown
Character Information
Portrayed by (Movie): Tom Curise

Stacee Jaxx is one of the main characters in the movie and the musical.


Stacee Jaxx is the main character in the film and in the musical. He is "the most unreliable man in the music industry" according to Lonny. He fell in love with a girl named Jenny Anderson as told by Constance Sack. But he falls in love with her and they sing (I Wanna Know What Love is) together . After that, he says an arrogant comment that causes her to leave. Before that time, Constance calls him a "Lonely Man with many regrets". He calls her one time when he called the Rolling Stone "Cinderella" but it was the editor that answered. When he arrives at the Bourbon Room, he makes out with Constance until he is bemused by Sherrie Christian and Drew Boley sing "Don't Stop Believin'". At the end of the film, he is reunited with Arsenal and has included Drew and Sherrie as the band "Von Colt" as they sing the song together. He takes a pause and looks offstage at Constance, who is pregnant with his child.

BY Katykat468!


  • "Wanted Dead or Alive"
  • "I Want to Know What Love Is"
  • "Pour Some Sugar on Me"
  • "Here I Go Again"
  • "Every Rose Has Its Thorn"
  • "Don't Stop Believin'"
  • "Paradise City"
  • "Rock You Like a Hurricane"


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